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  • The application of online programmer in medical industry

    Medical is the people's livelihood is particularly concerned about the issue, and our lives are closely related. In order to ensure the stability and reliability of medical equipment, the People's Republic of China State Council Decree No. 276, medical equipment production must meet the stringent production conditions, the major medical equipment manufacturers to comply with state regulations, developed a set of production, testing, To ensure the qualified quality of medical equipment.


    Medical and basic necessities, and people's lives are inseparable. For our health escort in addition to doctors, as well as advanced medical equipment. Then you know that medical equipment is through what kind of process into the normal medical procedures?


    After investigation found that most of the medical device manufacturers are now the production and sale are in accordance with the traditional process.


    The traditional process of product testing and equipment upgrades and maintenance equipment, need to return the equipment to the factory for maintenance testing, for large and medium equipment, will greatly increase the cost of maintenance of the product, if it is urgent customers (such as hospitals ) Upgrade maintenance, but also a direct impact on the normal use of work, this will inevitably bring great inconvenience.


    In order to solve the problem of returning to factory maintenance and functional testing, a well-known medical device manufacturer in China has cooperated with Zhiyuan Electronics to put forward a feasible and feasible improvement scheme. The traditional production and maintenance process has been reformed. Process.


    The improved process will be firmware production, functional testing into one, to achieve a new production test equipment, anytime, anywhere on the equipment production, upgrades, maintenance, testing. Users only need to deploy the device to the need to cover the various outlets, you can solve the upgrade, maintenance and other issues. The process is more convenient, more efficient, and will reduce the end-user failure due to the impact of normal use and other issues.


    The "firmware online programming, functional test integration equipment" uses a four-channel mass production line on-line programmer-P800, the main product firmware online programming, and with the medical device-related functional test components for real-time testing of products , Can be more convenient and quick to find and solve the problem.


    Automatic control function


    In the medical equipment production line, the use of P800 automatic power detection function, in the detection of production equipment after the stability of the automatic implementation of online programming operations, and the use of integrated equipment in the bar code gun, automatic scanning production equipment surface one-dimensional Code label, automatically the device's SN, MAC address to the chip corresponding to the region, reduce production control process, greatly reducing the production error rate.


    Intelligent management functions


    Medical equipment production details need to be recorded in the form of a report to the server, used to maintain, repair, audit view. P800 will be programmed after the completion of the programming log in the form of a report provided to the server to store, easy to post-error positioning. P800 will also give the program yield, to facilitate the production side of the inspection, easy to locate the bottleneck to solve the production process, identify the production point of failure.


    Cross - regional function


    In order to solve the maintenance and maintenance of medical device products, [firmware online programming, functional testing integration equipment] need to cross-regional deployment, P800 is equipped with a network communication interface, medical device manufacturers can remotely upgrade the firmware upgrade the deployment of the network through the network Remote operation control, greatly facilitate the headquarters and after-sales service department to deal with the problem.