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  • DIY self - made PIC microcontroller programmer circuit

    K128PICP microcontroller programmer, produced by foreign PIC microcontroller enthusiasts, apply to the PIC microcontroller F series of nearly 100 kinds of chips to read and write. The programmer uses the USB interface to program, and from the USB power, programming high voltage by the monitoring chip PICl6F628 pulse signal generated by the voltage rectification. Eliminate the independent power supply.


    Through the production and use of K128, the feeling for beginners have the following difficulties: 1.USB to RS232 serial port conversion chip FT232BM is a patch package, you must use the PCB board installation.


    Can not use the universal board, welding more difficult: 2.FT232BM to install the driver, the host computer software can not automatically find the programmer.


    You must find the serial port number in the computer's Device Manager, set the serial port in the software, and sometimes conflict with other uSB drivers.


    In response to the above problems, combined with the host computer software and programmer monitoring software are written for the serial port. On the circuit to do some changes, remove the FT232BM. Switch to serial programming, to keep the USB port to take electricity, making the production and use are very convenient, the cost is lower than the original.


    First, the hardware circuit programmer


    Circuit see the picture, mainly by the serial level conversion circuit, monitoring circuit and programming socket and other components.


    Serial level conversion circuit by the MAX232, C2 a C5 and other components, its role is to RS232 transmission protocol level and TTL level conversion.


    The monitoring circuit is composed of 16F628A, crystal B and so on. Used to generate the programming of the various elbow signal and the programming data transmission. VDI-VD3, C8-C10 with 16F628A ⑴, ⑵ pin output pulse signal composed of triple pressure rectifier boost circuit, resulting in about 12.6V VPP programming voltage. Light-emitting diode VD4 for programming instructions.


    ZIF 40 feet of universal locking socket, 8 ~ 40 feet DIP chip can be directly inserted in the above programming, the other chip can be used ICSP download mode programming. When used, the program will automatically give you a prompt based on the chip you have selected. CN3 for ICSP programming connection socket.


    Second, the production process


    1. Component selection and installation


    IC1 uses MAX232, IC2 uses 16F628 or 16F628A. The remaining components see the parameters. Use a universal PCB board for installation, serial connection and uSB power connection can be connected with a socket, you can also directly welded to the relevant plug. Installation, IC2 to use the IC socket, to be written 16F628 monitor and then inserted.


    2. Write the monitoring chip


    16F628 procedures must be programmed with other programmers. The target file is DIYKl28.HEX. Can be found in the installation directory of the programmer control software diyPACk25. Take the TOP2005 programmer as an example. After checking that the hardware circuit has no error. And then plug the monitor chip into the circuit board.


    3. Programming control software download and install


    Programming control software installation as long as one step by step press the OK button.