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  • Programmer classification and function details

    G840 online / offline programming programmer



    1,40-pin quasi-drive, import high-quality locking seat. To meet the needs of the vast majority of IC burning pin, fully provide the basic conditions for future upgrades.


    2, users enjoy life-long upgrade support. Pure software upgrades, as long as the latest version of the software from the Internet, you can complete the upgrade. Your programmer will always be up to date.


    3, to provide online mode of operation and offline mode of operation, both for development, testing, teaching, but also for small batch production, do not always open the computer.


    4, touch key control, you can not click the mouse to make the operation more convenient. Touch keys are durable and never damaged.


    5, pin contact detection is correct. In case of poor contact or insertion error, the suspension of the operation process.


    6, the operation of the three instructions: the software interface display, light display, selectable beep indicator.


    7, dual power mode. Dedicated external power supply power supply mode, to further ensure stable work. Effectively avoid some of the computer USB power supply caused by the instability of the phenomenon, (power adapter 9V1000mA positive external negative).


    8, careful self-protection, effective guarantee does not damage the user device or programmer itself.


    9, compact and exquisite design, to provide a good visual effect, to carry the use of very convenient.


    Support system: Windows98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / windows7 operating system.


    Currently supports up to 4300 devices.


    G540 programmer


    This is a very good performance of the programmer. Compared with the UPL40, support for more support devices, power consumption is much smaller, more stable operation, faster and faster.


    G540 burner main performance profile:


    1,40 pin universal locking seat


    2, the system software can be upgraded. In the range supported by the hardware, the user will enjoy the latest version of the software for life, without being limited by the firmware program. Users only need to download the latest version of the software online, you can complete the system upgrade.


    3, pin contact detection is correct. In case of poor contact or insert error, the timely termination of the operation process. (Very few parts such as PIC16C54, AT24C01 ..., can not achieve pin contact detection).


    4, the operation of the results of re-indicating: the software interface display, light flashing instructions.


    5, pocket compact design. Nice, easy to carry.


    6, low-cost high-performance program. Put themselves in place for the sake of users.


    7, careful protection of their own way. Effective guarantee does not damage the user IC or the programmer itself.


    Support system: Windows98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / windows7 operating system.


    AVRISP Download Programmer


    AVRISP is a tool for online programming of AVR®Flash microcontrollers. AVRISP gives designers a small, reliable programming tool that can be programmed online for all ISP-enabled AVR microcontrollers via a 10-pin ISP connector. AVR ISP uses AVR Studio to write and debug code in Atmel's comprehensive development environment, AVR Studio. Use RS-232 or USB and PC connection, dual interface wide adaptability (original ATAVR ISP 232 interface). At the same time support the 89S51, 89S52 ISP programming, a machine in hand, AVR, 89S all get.


    With automatic upgrade function (when there is a new version of AVR Studio, will prompt to upgrade), use AVR Studio to download and burn. Use the STK500 protocol download, AVR official AVR is the only recommended way to download. AVR Studio current version and future version, will provide future support for STK500 chip